I got to try something new! I got to photograph food!! Oh and not just any food – I got to photograph my favorite baker making cupcakes. Sweet deal right?

Lets meet the face behind the cupcakes and The Sassy Apron.


This is Courtney. She is gorgeous inside and out and makes the best cupcakes. I mean it when I say they are the best. Ranging from decadent to simple deliciousness every flavor is spot on. My favorite is the Margarita cupcake. (Thank you Michelle) This is the/my description: Tequila Lime Cupcakes – fluffy little pillows of goodness that smell like heaven, Lime Curd Filling – this lime curd could win awards y’all. It has just the right amount of tartness with a hint of sweetness that enhances the citrus flavor, oh and hello there Tequila Cream Cheese Frosting. That’s right Tequila Frosting. Swoon. She is a genius!

Back to the action, I was tasked with photographing Courtney doing her thing. Baking.

Wanna See?sassyapron-40sassyapron-48cupcake-3

I mean look at this! I wish that I could say that I picked up some of her secrets while photographing but I feel like all I remember are the delicious smell memories!


The photo right above was a special request by my son. Any guesses on the flavor?


(I have never photographed food before and folks it isn’t as easy as it looks!)
One more look at the finished request. If you wanna know the flavor reveal please head on over and check out her page. While you are there spend a moment looking through all of her delicious creations. You won’t be disappointed.