My three year old loves dinosaurs. He seriously loves them. It is all he can talk about. He has a museum membership so he can go see the dinosaur bones whenever the mood strikes. He will quickly tell you how much he adores the Triceratops because they are plant eaters and how the T-Rex has the scariest roar. He has dinosaur pajamas and dinosaur shirts. He wants a dinosaur birthday cake. See the theme here?!?

Well a good friend recently gifted him with the best thing ever when she presented him with a dinosaur egg from Rose & Rex. As a photographer, I had to capture his reaction because I knew it would be spectacular!

Dino 1

Imagination and Joy working overtime! He is beside himself to welcome his new best friend to the family.

Even though this little fellow comes with a name, my little wants him to be called Rex. He is looking forward to all of the adventures that his new best friend, Rex, will share with his other favorite playmate – Rhino.


….and I can’t wait to hear their stories.