Kind is one of the first words that all of my children learn to spell. I want them to know how important it is to make sure their words and actions start with loving kindness and for them to foster that same desire in others. I say all of this because it helps explain why we were all so happy to stumble across the Galveston Kindness Project.

Here is an excerpt taken from their page:

#C2BK   Its Cool To Be Kind


We educate, promote, facilitate and coordinate Kindness initiatives, projects, presentations, workshops and support team/personal character building exercises. We are located within the interactive art studio, Clay Cup Studio in historic downtown Galveston, TX.

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I have heard about Kids Helping Kids and The Galveston Kindness Project, what is it?

Kids Helping Kids is a non-profit where children in the community make relationships with small business owners to help grant wishes for other children on the island. The Galveston Kindness Project is their first undertaking.

Why is the Galveston Kindness Project the first thing they are working on?

In anything you do, you must have a strong foundation. We believe that kindness is not only the strongest foundation you can have but its where wishes begin.

Who started the KHK & GKP ?

Erin Toberman, a local mom who has a knack for bringing the community together.

Where is the kids helpings kids and the Galveston kindness project?

Everything we do is coordinated out of Clay Cup Studios 🙂

What is the Kindness Mural and where is it?

The Kindness Mural is a 100 ft long mural dedicated to putting a smile on your face and kindness in your heart. Painted with the help of the community young and old, Gabriel Prusmack has been able to bring the meaning of kindness to life in the form of a visual interactive art piece. Stop by the Kindness Corner at 22nd and Postoffice St. to take a picture with the mural.

What things have  Kids helping kids & the Galveston kindness project gotten involved in?

We have buzzed around so many things this year. Our kindness kids have painted with the Ronald McDonald House and the Shiners Kids, We polar plunged to help raise money for special needs, we ran Socktober from Clay Cup Studios, We have been in the public, private and charter schools. We have been everywhere ! Spreading the word about kindness 🙂

How do I invite the kindness project to come to my school or event?

Just give us a call. Its that simple 🙂

How are local businesses and the children working together?

Local Galveston businesses help KHK raise money and grant wishes. For instance did you know that every time you get C2BK ice cream at Hey Mikey’s, you are helping a wish come true?

Is there anything else I should know?

YES … You can be apart of the mural! Come in to Clay Cup Studios and create one of  the several projects that will be used to turn this interactive mural into mixed media. You can create a glass or ceramic surfboard with your family or business in mind that will be attached as one of the leaves on the kindness tree! You can also paint a kindness canvas or make glass and ceramic confetti! This is a great way to showcase that your family or business support kindness in your community. Come have fun and get your art on!


How amazing is this!?!?! Here is their link.


Speaking of the Kindness Mural: