I wanted to wait until today for this post. Both Miss O (#7) and Mr. J (#8) were born with a heart defect. I remember sitting in on their echos hoping for the best possible news. The anxious moments of not knowing what the screen will show other than the precious movements of their hearts. I kept looking at my husbands face to see his reaction to what he was seeing…trusting in him to explain in great detail what I needed to hear. I mean after all hearts are his specialty. He was quiet for so long just watching that I was starting to get nervous. When was he going to say everything is going to be just fine. When I almost couldn’t sit any longer he finally exhaled with what I hoped was relief and not just a need to stop holding his breath! We were so very lucky to learn that both kids would hopefully not need surgery – they were imperfectly perfect little hearts that could just be watched for the time being.

Miss O will be due for her next echo after her birthday in May and I am so blessed to be able to approach this appointment with people that give fantastic care and with the hope that she will be given the all clear. Mr. J has a one more year before his next visit but look at him grow!!!

I also have several friends whose kiddos are amazing fighters through their much more complicated heart stories and would love to send them some extra love today. Xoxoxox to all of my heart warriors.