The only thing predictable about Texas weather is that it can change in a heartbeat. Instead of battling the norm of heat, humidity, and mosquitos – we battled crazy gusts of wind. We finally decided to embrace it especially since Miss S has the most gorgeous sun kissed long locks of amazingness. Just look at these…graduation2017-13graduation2017graduation2017-19

She was so much fun to photograph and was a good sport about trying to blow a handful of glitter into a tornado! This image was really important to her wishlist of poses and I was happy to offer her the chance to reshoot this image on another afternoon. I am in love with her laugh that I can hear coming from the featured image but the reshoot is just as gorgeous and she didn’t even have to eat any unexpected glitter bombs this go around.kids2017-6

I am always surprised by what mother nature has in store and this shoot has prompted me not to write off every golden hour that isn’t ideal. Look what I would have missed out on!


I wanted to end this post by wishing her the best of luck in her future endeavors at the University of Hawaii. Oh and I would be happy to fly out and take your graduation photos again when it is time!