Happy New Year! 2017. Wow – time really does move quickly.

It has been a bit since my last post, but I promised myself to spend more time being “in the moment” this holiday season. You see, I have a big family. In case you missed it – eight kids to be exact – and this year we were gifted with our very first grandchild. That is our cutie in the featured image. His parents don’t live locally, so for the holidays they decided to bring him for a visit and an introduction. What an amazing feeling to hold your grandchild for the first time even if he is already 7 months old when you first meet!kids-37

See my happy face?!? I could barely contain myself.kids-27

Mr. NineTwelve is pretty pleased with this visit as well. Oh peanut sweets – you are so loved. We spent a glorious week doing nothing but getting to know him. Well, we also celebrated Chanukah, Christmas and acknowledged the solstice. (We are a diverse group)holiday-2

Lights for days. and nights. Eight to be exact. Everyone had a great time and this mommy was so wrapped up in the moments that I didn’t even get a photo of all of the kids in the same room. (Them being all together has only happened one other time!) Instead I am savoring the memories, the conversations, the food, the talks, and the sweet smell of baby.

I will leave you with one last image. My grand puppy! Hoping everyone had a happy holiday – all of them!