I mean look how long is hair is y’all! It was almost to the top of his pants. Three years of stroking his silky fine hair until he falls asleep…three years of hairstyles ranging from plucked chicken to enviable man bun. Long walks on the beach with the wind blowing through his flowing locks. Three years of letting it (his hair) and him be wild and free while he was growing into a little boy. Roughly 1100 days of watching him transition from a newborn into a precious human being who is now responsible for learning the beginnings of dual languages, religious studies, and fashionable clothing choices.

In the past 100 days, he has celebrated his time by learning to finally speak from just a handful of single words to telling everyone what the letters of the alphabet sound like. Waiting to hear your child speak when they are way past the typical developmental stages is a long road to walk. A story for another day –  because I know how very fortunate I am that he is finally able to do so.

We also celebrated by taking a surprise trip to Disneyland and letting him pick all of the rides. His favorite is Buzz LightYear and he is serious with that later gun. Don’t ask to help him. He won’t fall for that trick. Those pics are coming because for right now I am still processing the moment that my last little one is not as little as he once used to be.

I do want to end this post with a special thank you to my wonderful friend Dana. She came to our home to be a part of this very special moment and never once judged me when I cried. She also always made him feel like a superstar. xoxoxox