What I love most about photographing families is letting the kids lead the sessions. You never know what you are going to get! Sometimes shooting at the end of the day means they need to move and run – and when I say go for it then I get smiles like these!912photographyalyssa-7912photographyalyssa-10912photographyalyssa-16912photographyalyssaThe laughter going on here was contagious!

Then when the kids are ready to take a break I always ask the kids to help me take a picture of their parents. I let them direct the action, I manage the camera settings, and they take the actual shot. I think it really puts that extra little bit go magic into the moment.912photographyalyssa-25I mean whats not to love about this. Big score for the kids with this one. I even offered for them to be my assistants for all of my fall sessions.