Yes that is two carts. No I did not get everything that I needed. This is what shopping looks like with only half of my children (and one of their friends). Yes I know where babies come from.

Let’s look at this photo

In this cart of randomness seems to be Peppa Pigs school house (a necessity says the ballerina in the front), shoes for the teenager unloading the cart, bananas for the little in the brown bear shirt, and my number 6 is trying to hide a foil wrapped chocolate in to the cart. He doesn’t seem to understand that the board game he chose already has a million and one pieces and I am ready to walk away from both carts before we ever even finish.

Why do they want to touch everything. Every toy must be touched to deem its worthiness of being placed in the cart. U guess I should be happy they don’t just chuck everything in the cart when I am not looking. They are discerning children that must weigh all of their options with a thoroughness that leaves us in these isles for hours.


This is what happens if you try to rush the decision making process. The discontent of feeling like they settled for something just shy of that perfect toy. Now mind you these trips are a rare reward for a job well done or when their dad is on call at the hospital for 24-36hours on a long holiday weekend.

Truth be told this experience was better than the dollar store experience where #8 chose a plunger and was devastated when it didn’t end up in the car on the way home. However, having children that age in range from toddler to one in her 30’s I know to appreciate the moment.